Trip Report Repository

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After years of posting trip reports and commentary on outdoor recreation to various internet forums, it seemed like a good idea to collect those various writings in a central location rather than leave them scattered across the internet.  As the title suggests, these pieces of writing are focused on backpacking, hiking, bicycling, or a combination thereof.

I would like for this blog to primarily serve as a repository for past and future trip reports, with occasional opinion and commentary pieces. Past trip reports are located on the “Trip reports” page and and past general opinions and commentary on various issues related to outdoor recreation are on the “Commentary” page. This will be done whenever I get the time and inclination to copy and paste the content from the various corners of the internet from which they currently reside. Right now, 2014 is the only complete year. Commentary will be a bit slower to come, as a lot of my commentary was located on Backpacker magazine’s “old” forums which are no longer available.

New trip reports and commentary will be posted here (“Basecamp”) as well on the appropriate subpage.

The majority of past trip reports and commentary are related to the Southeast in general and the Cumberland Plateau (specifically the Red River Gorge) in particular. All of these originally appeared on or the Backpacker magazine forums and are re-published here with minor edits and revisions.

Future trip reports will most likely be from the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana and nearby locations.

The “Gear” page consists of me waxing nostalgic about various pieces of gear and clothing with some comments on their technical merits.

The “Photoessays” page contains photoessays about various landforms and landscapes.

For general background information, please check out the “Bio” page.

It is my sincere hope that the pieces of writing on this website will be entertaining, inspiring, humorous and perhaps even intellectually stimulating at times.

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