Hanson's Point

I’m an avid but not “extreme” backpacker. I don’t carry an ultra-light pack and rarely hike more than 10 miles a day when backpacking. I’ve never been able to carve out the time for a trip longer than five nights. I usually get out a weekend or two per month, carry a modest amount of gear, hike as far as I feel like, and enjoy myself immensely.

At the end of 2007, I made a New Year’s Resolution to spend 10% of the next year on backpacking trips. So, 37 nights in a year. I didn’t make it in 2008 (29 nights) but from 2009-2012 I spent 37-40 nights in the woods each year. For 2013 and 2014 I fell a few nights short of my goal. I’ve attempted to write trip reports for most of my backpacking trips and almost always take notes in a small “Rite in the Rain” field journal. I created this blog mostly as a home for future trip reports and commentary on outdoor recreation, as well as a repository for past trip reports. Photos from my backpacking trips are here:

I’m an enthusiastic bicyclist and have done short bicycle tours and bikepacking trips (i.e. biking to the trailhead and then backpacking). I’ve commuted to and from work and done most of my errands via bicycle for almost a decade. I also occasionally rock climb. I’ve rode 100 miles in a day and climbed 5.10 (although not in the same day), but I’m just as content riding a few miles around the neighborhood or scrambling up a Class 3 route. I enjoy climbing and biking most when they’re combined with backpacking.

I’ve been employed, in chronological order and with some concurrency, as a grocery store bagger, pizza cook, busboy, student library clerk at a university special collections and archives library, visitor services information assistant for the US Forest Service, graduate assistant at a university special collections and archives library, sales clerk at an outdoor retail store, librarian at a public library in eastern Kentucky, and currently as a librarian at a public library in western Montana.

If you have any questions about any of the places mentioned in the trip reports, believe an opinion of mine is entirely off-base, or just have general comments please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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